ITDI 256-01: Web Design for Artists

Instructor: Charles Miller

This course is an introduction to the planning, design, and production of interactive art projects that are web based. Students will be introduced to web design concepts and principles in site design, page design, graphical user interface design, and usability. The course will include instruction in building pages and websites that support students in promoting their artwork through web based representation and social media. Students will be encouraged to explore highly structured as well as highly experimental approaches to merging content with the design of interactive sites. The course will also incorporate social-cultural issues in digital art making.

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Some portfolio examples:

Class Roster Fall 2016

Past semesters:

Some Basic HTML Markup

HTML guide (right click to download PDF)

Tags, Elements, Attributes, & Values Presentation:

HTML Tables and Forms

Learn about creating HTML Forms

View the source of each page and examine the way markup adds meaning to the text on the page. Both pages are identical except:

Tables & Forms require multiple elements to function properly. View the source code of the following pages to see tables & forms in action: